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be quiet! Thermal Grease DC1, 3g

be quiet! Thermal Grease DC1, 3g be quiet! Thermal Grease DC1, 3g be quiet! Thermal Grease DC1, 3g
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DC1 Thermal Grease

Introducing the perfect cooling partner
The best things in life often come in pairs, and the PC world is no different. So now that you are upgrading to a world class cooler to protect your valuable CPU or GPU, what would the perfect accessory be? DC1 of course—our new high performance thermal compound for critical cooling applications.

Advanced features include:
- Very high thermal conductivity of 7.5W/mK provides exceptional heat transfer between chip and cooler
- No electrical conductivity
- Premium formulation
- Metal oxide compounds: 60%
- Zinc oxide compounds: 30%
- Silicone compounds: 10%
- 3g capacity is enough for 9 applications on average
- Easily applied with provided spatula
- Impressive temperature range of -50°C to +150°C

DC1 is the perfect choice for any cooling application that requires top heat transfer performance, or even just when you want something better than the generic paste your CPU or cooler came with.

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