Be quiet! Dark Rock PRO TR4 // BK023

Be quiet! Dark Rock PRO TR4 // BK023 Be quiet! Dark Rock PRO TR4 // BK023 Be quiet! Dark Rock PRO TR4 // BK023 Be quiet! Dark Rock PRO TR4 // BK023 Be quiet! Dark Rock PRO TR4 // BK023 Be quiet! Dark Rock PRO TR4 // BK023 Be quiet! Dark Rock PRO TR4 // BK023 Be quiet! Dark Rock PRO TR4 // BK023
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Dark Rock Pro TR4, 1200/1500 RPM, 120+135 mm, 4-pin PWM, 162.8x136x145.7 mm

For AMD TR4 motherboards
No compromise in silence and performance for overclocked systems and demanding graphics applications! Dark Rock Pro TR4 is designed for AMD TR4 only and provides an impressive rating of 250W TDP.

Even at 100% PWM fan speed noise is an insignificant 24.3dB(A)
The two Silent Wings PWM fans feature advanced fluid-dynamic bearings, smooth six-pole motors and airflow-optimized fan blades. The front Silent Wings 3 fan provides extremely high air pressure, thanks to a funnel-shaped air inlet in the frame. Decoupled fan mounting with vibration-isolating elements on the heat sink.

The core features that result in high-end cooling
Dark Rock Pro TR4 is equipped with seven advanced technology 6mm copper heat pipes that maximize the heat conductance. Airflow-optimized, wave-contoured cooling fins with small dots on their surfaces increase the air circulation. The special black coating with ceramic particles makes a perfect transfer of heat possible.

Powerful cooling for your components
Dark Rock Pro TR4 contains two aluminum heat sinks. The cutouts provided enhance its RAM compatibility. Two fans are pre-installed. It is also possible to add another 120mm fan for even better cooling.

Stylish and easy to install
The mounting kit for the Dark Rock Pro TR4 cooler is completely black, perfectly matching the black design of the cooler itself. You can conveniently install the cooler on the motherboard from above. The brushed aluminum top cover with its diamond cut finish adds a touch of elegance to this high-end cooler.

- Designed for AMD TR4 only
- Two virtually inaudible Silent Wings PWM fans
- Funnel-shaped frame of the front fan for high air pressure
- Achieves only 24.3dB(A) at maximum fan speed
- Seven high-performance copper heat pipes
- Airflow-optimized cooling fins; cutouts enhance the RAM compatibility
- Easily installable black installation kit can be mounted from above
- Brushed aluminum top cover with diamond cut finish

Geschikt voor Processor
Soort Cooler
Supported processor sockets Socket TR4
Compatibele processors AMD Ryzen
Ventilator diameter 120/135 mm
Rotatiesnelheid ( max) 1500 RPM
Geluidsniveau (lage snelheid) 12.8 dB
Geluidsniveau (hoge snelheid 24.3 dB
Pulsbreedtemodulatie-ondersteuning Ja
Type lager Fluid dynamic bearing (FDB)
Aantal ventilatoren 2
Warmte pijpen diameter 6 mm
Aantal warmte pijpen 7
Thermal Design Power (TDP) 250 W
Fan connector 4-pin
Gemiddelde storingsinterval (MTTF) 300000 h
Materiaal Aluminium
RoHS volgzaamheid Ja
Nominale netspanning 0.08 A
Gewicht en omvang
Gewicht 1180 g
Maten ventilator (b x d x h) 135 x 135 x 22 mm
Breedte verpakking 205 mm
Diepte verpakking 181 mm
Hoogte verpakking 212 mm
Gewicht verpakking 1580 g
Inhoud van de verpakking
Montage gereedschap Ja
Meegeleverde kabels Fan
Koelpasta Ja
Verpakkingstype Box
Logistieke gegevens
Breedte van de omdoos 561 mm
Lengte omdoos 427 mm
Hoogte van de omdoos 459 mm
Gewicht buitendoos 20750 g
Hoeveelheid per omdoos 12 pcs